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dev to give about us page
Dev To Give about us page

About Dev To Give

Dev To Give is a site created to help beginners in programming, the site deals with the most important programming problems with ways to fix them.

At Dev To Give, we publish the ready-made codes that every programmer or website designer needs to add vitality or feature to their site, With an explanation of how to install them on website pages.

Dev To Giv is a site created by elite programmers with long experience in the field of web programming, whose main goal is to help beginners navigate the problems they face in their professional and daily lives.

If you have any web development issues, you can easily put them in a comment on any page or on the troubleshooter page in the site's top menu.

start from zero
Start from zero

I will be happy to help any beginner programmer who wants to enter the world of programming from its widest doors. We all started from scratch, So there is no need to be shy about asking any question or inquiry regarding any problem you encountered on your way to programming a code or if you wanted to help find the appropriate script to add to your site or project.

To contact us please use our contact us page.

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