What is Back-End and What are Back-End languages and frameworks

What is Back-End and What are Back-End languages and frameworks

We had talked in a previous article about What is Front-End and What are Front-End languages, But today we will talk about its counterpart which is the back-end and what languages you can use as a back-end developer, and how you can become a professional back-end developer.

What is Back-End and What are Back-End languages and frameworks
What is Back-End and What are Back-End languages and frameworks

If you want to start learning backend development, you must first understand the definition of the backend, so in this article, I will explain backend developer meaning and how to start learning backend for web, and what languages are used in backend web development.

Backend Meaning

They are the processes that occur on the side of the server where they are programmed by the developer using a special programming language and the user has no direct access to it. It is a code stored inside the server that is run when the user performs any activity on the site or the web application. This was the Backend definition.

In a simpler sense, they are the codes of the programming language used by the developer who deals with the server directly and programmed them to perform different functions according to the user's needs, unlike Front End, which deals with users and not with the machine.

For example, when you want to upload a file to your site, you choose it from your computer and press the upload button, so what happens in the background until the file is uploaded?

A code programmed in a specific language takes this file that you chose, uploads it and makes a copy of it, and saves it on the server. This process enters the field of the backend, so in short: everything that deals with the server is called the backend.

After I introduced What Does Backing Mean, we will address the programming languages used in the development of the web and the most famous frameworks used to create web applications.

Back end languages and frameworks

When we talk about the programming languages used in web application development, we will mostly talk about the most widely used and prevalent languages, so I have compiled a list of the best web application programming languages for Back Web Developers.

Also, do not forget that many frameworks came to facilitate the process of programming web applications and make them more secure. I will mention the most powerful and used ones of back-end frameworks below.

Best Back end web development languages

I will sort these languages according to the languages most used in programming websites and web applications.


PHP is an object-oriented or object-oriented scripting language used to create dynamic web pages. PHP is a back-end language that deals directly with the server and is the most widely used language for creating web applications and websites.

Features of PHP language

  • open-source language.
  • Easy and fun language.
  • Strong and resourceful.
  • The most widely used language for web application programming.
  • It has a large and wide community.
  • It has many frameworks.
  • Dealing with databases with ease.
  • Safe and secure language.
  • and many more.


JavaScript is one of the most powerful programming languages for developing websites and web applications. It is a comprehensive language that can be a back-end programming language and a front-end programming language at the same time.

JavaScript is a beautiful language, but it is not easy at the same time. Despite its power, it takes a long time for you to understand and master it.

Features of JavaScript language

  • A lightweight and flexible programming language
  • Language and visuals
  • Support object-oriented programming
  • Dynamic writing feature
  • Functional style
  • It is an independent platform
  • One of the interpreted languages
  • It has asynchronous processing


Python is one of the most popular programming languages that people use today, with which you can do many cool things such as automation, it is used as an AI to create applications and websites such as Instagram and Dropbox.

So if you are looking for a job, Python is the best for you, as it is the most requested language by programming companies among all other programming languages.

Features of Python language

  • Easy to Learn and Use.
  • Expressive Language.
  • Interpreted Language.
  • Cross-platform Language.
  • Free and Open Source.
  • Object-Oriented Language.
  • Extensible.
  • Large Standard Library.


Java is the most popular and used programming language in the world. Popularity means that it is the most widespread in general, not only that, but it is the most used programming language in the field of work Java occupies a first place as the most popular programming language in the computer field.

Java is a very high-level programming language, invented by James Gosling in 1992 - while working in the laboratories of Sun MicroSystems to be used as the thinking mind used to operate smart application devices such as interactive television.


Ruby is one of the wonderful programming languages that is very powerful. The original programmer of the language chose the best features and features in other languages such as Python, Perl, and other programming languages to create Ruby as a powerful language in the programming world, and Ruby is an object language with imperative and functional properties as well as being an object.

The first version of it was released in 1995, but it is considered that Ruby was not popular from the time of its programming until 1995 David Hanson developed the famous Ruby on rails framework, which is used in web programming.


Golang is an open-source programming language, and orientation of orientation and works on most operating systems, modern and modern, specifically established in 2007 by 3 people working in Google: (Robert Grie Emeer, Ken Thumpes, and Rob Bike).

The team continued to develop the language Until 2009 and specifically in November when the time of the official announcement of the launch of the language was a programming language that carries the same strength and character as the SIC programming language somewhat, but it is considered better in practice, so you find some people calling GO in the name "CC or C Century The twenty-first ", but it developed to be an easy and more practical language than C.

So, these are the most important programming languages to develop the background of the websites, so the role of a more general remembrance of the frameworks has come.

Best Web Development Backend Frameworks

In the previous article What is Front-End and What are Front-End languages, we talked about the frameworks for front-end web development, but today we will talk about the most important frameworks for back-end website development, so I have compiled a list of the most important frameworks for web application programming as a back-end developer.


Simply put, Laravel is a PHP framework that will literally make you fall in love with this language even if you are basically a designer. Laravel provides an integrated work environment for everything you need or may need in any future period of your career.

Laravel is built on the MVC method The famous separating the Model View Controller, which provides you with a smooth and easy work environment, and you may not yet fully understand what Laravel is. Do not worry, the following lines will help you to enter the beginning of your journey in learning Laravel.

Why should I be interested in learning Laravel?

Let's put the matter in the form of points, and then discuss them one by one. We will start with the most important feature. Why did we call Laravel the best PHP framework?


Laravel framework is the most prevalent PHP framework, and with a simple arithmetic operation we conclude that massive spread = huge sources of learning, and here lies the bottom line in preferring Laravel over other competitors.


Like most frameworks that adopt the MVC architecture, you will find that the term is inherently a little advanced, as it is almost the advanced stage of OOP (Object Oriented Programming), the advanced stage of programming architecture, But in Laravel even if you are A beginner in object-oriented programming for PHP, you will find yourself a place among Laravel programmers, but we add an important note here, learning HelloWorld in PHP is not enough for you to start learning Laravel, unfortunately.

Clear file structure

After you skip the first days of learning Laravel, you will find that the files you deal with are no more than 4 folders, the folder contains approximately 10 files (the correct number depends of course on the quality of your site), and you will find that moving between tasks in Laravel is very easy

Awesome power

You may think that the term hydrogen bomb was an exaggeration, but with some time you will find that I am absolutely right, it is a crushing bomb for all competitors!

High security

The Laravel framework has significant security, it is the perfect way for a PHP programmer who considers himself weak in protection, Laravel takes care of it for you!

Many extras

You can add many features to Laravel through free add-ons on the Internet, which will expand your project to limits that no one can imagine

Finally, easy and clear documentation

Perhaps it is not a competitive advantage for Laravel, but the documentation provided by the Laravel website is easy to understand. You may not even need any courses for the success of your career in Laravel. It is enough that you are at an average level in the English language and have the enthusiasm and the courage to press the button to launch the bomb.


Django is a framework that contains thousands of ready-made libraries that facilitate the process of building websites, Django's built-in python language in 2005, and its primary goal is to facilitate the creation of complex database-based websites.

  • Ease of use
  • Safety
  • Excellent Django Documentation Framework
  • Fits any web project
  • Caching
  • A framework that supports Django System MVT - Form rendering form

There are many frameworks for back-end web development, but I will be satisfied with these two because of their widespread in web application development, and you can dispense with the many other frameworks scattered on the Internet.


Do not forget that you have to train and train until it becomes easy and you can master any programming language or framework. Those who preceded you are not smarter than you and were not born knowing these languages, but they invested their efforts to build their future and improve their level in programming.

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Murad Aden

I am a web developer, I love my sons, then my code, For development posts visit Dev To Give

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