What is Front-End and What are Front-End languages

What is Front-End and What are Front-End languages

There are many programming directions in the field of programming web applications and websites. Most of the developers go into the front-end development of applications and websites, and some aspire to deal with the server as a backend developer. This article will explain the meaning of a front-end developer and any programming languages and techniques that you should learn.

What is Front-End and What is Front-End languages
What is Front-End and What are Front-End languages

If you are new to programming and have started to learn HTML, as usual, you will certainly see most programmers and developers talking about terms such as a front end and back end, so we will not address in this article explain what is the front end and back end because we have already talked about it in our previous article. The way how to start learning programming and web development, and we also talked about front-end and back-end languages, but today we will focus our attention on what you know about Front End developers?

What is Front End Web Development?

You will find the majority of those entering the programming world will stop at this question: what is front-end web development or what is front-end programming? it does not matter the difference between the labels, they all lead to the same meaning, so let me clarify this point with you so that you can complete the rest of the article with me.

The Front-End is the development of Internet application interfaces and websites, how is that? Let me show you more with a closer example, Did you see when you browse YouTube or Facebook or even Twitter or any other site on the Internet? Surely you have noticed that each of these previous sites has a different design from the other, so you will find that YouTube has a side column that includes popular videos similar to the video you are watching, and Facebook also has another design with a column that includes your favorite pages and other tools.

As we mentioned in the previous example, every website or web application has its own theme, so how was this theme designed and who designed it?. The answer is Front-End Developer.

Who is a Front-End Developer?

The Frontend Developer is the person responsible for designing the interfaces of applications and websites and creating the frontends of websites. The front-end developer should learn different programming languages ​​from the Back-End developer. The Front-End developer deals with HTML and CSS text-formatting codes and collaborates with the back-end developer in dealing with the JavaScript language to give life to the application that he creates.

Who is Front-End Developer
Who is Front-End Developer

Also, the Front End developer must learn other techniques to use in his projects to save him time and effort and his work is tidy and free of problems, many frameworks make it easier for the Front End developer to work, such as the Bootstrap framework and Angular.

What does a Front End Developer do?

As we have already mentioned, Front End developer creates static and dynamic Internet pages and designs Front-End websites, as well as creates the control panel and all the properties of websites and web applications that users can see and interact with.

A Front-End developer can be part of the design team for websites and web applications development companies, as it is an essential cornerstone of web development, as the Back-End developer has no benefit if there are no pages where users interact.

How to learn Front End Development

You can learn web development through your study of the programming languages used in developing web interfaces, so you may notice a great demand for learning front-end development by beginners learning web development.

The most common question I've seen in programming communities is how to become a front end developer, or specifically how to become a front end web developer, so don't worry, the road is not as difficult as you expect, the world is full of developers who started from scratch like you and me.

Follow me and I will guide you on how to become a front-end developer from scratch in the following steps.

Front End programming languages

Now, what are Front End languages? I will introduce you to the most important front-end development languages through which you can create huge web projects. Learning front end development languages is just your start to your way in the world of web development as a frontend developer, so when you start learning front end developer programming languages, remember that the goal of learning is to enable you from dealing with all kinds of website designs, no matter how many front end coding languages you've learned, we're not racing ourselves or demonstrating our ability to others, we're still at the beginning of the road.

Best Front End languages

If you want to start to learn front end web development languages, then I will recommend the top front end languages that you can start learning in order, so follow this front end languages list with me.


As mentioned earlier, Hypertext Markup Language or HTML is the language that the browser deals with and is responsible for creating web pages by merging their elements together inside a .html file.

2- CSS

Cascading Style Sheets is a style sheet language used to format HTML pages and add vibrant colors and effects that make website pages modern and comfortable.

3- JavaScript

JavaScript, often abbreviated as JS, is the most prevalent programming language on the Internet. JavaScript is used by most websites by 97%. It adds vitality and movement to Internet pages.

Best front end libraries and frameworks

If you aspire to develop your skills in creating websites and want to work on large projects, you should learn how to work with the most popular JavaScript libraries and frameworks. I will nominate the most important ones in the following list.

4- jQuery

jQuery is one of the most important JavaScript frameworks. jQuery contains several ready-made codes that make it easier for you to use JavaScript codes and shorten them. There are many features of jQuery that you can find on the Internet.

5- React

React is an open-source JavaScript library used by some other developers. React was launched in 2013 and has been widely accepted by all developers around the world because of its many advantages.

6- Angular

Angular is an open-source JavaScript framework based on TypeScript. The Angular framework is managed by Google, the Angular framework was created to build one-page applications.

What is Front-End design?

As we have already said that there is no back-end developer without a front-end developer, but can there be a front-end developer without a front-end designer?

Sure it can be one person doing the work of developer and designer for a website, but most programming companies have dedicated Front End designers among their programming team. A question may arise in your mind: What is the difference between a web designer and a web developer?

To answer the previous question, let us first define what is a web design, or rather what is a front-end website design and what is UI Designer.

UI Design or User interface design is a field for professional designers who have high tastes in choosing beautiful colors and have great touches in web design, web UI Designer is a person who agrees with the previous qualities and the development team relies on him to make their projects in the best suit.


In this article, I explained everything related to Front End web development, so if you have entered this field, make sure that an article or two will not suffice you, but your passion and your knowledge of everything new, measure the web world, will guide you on the way.

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