The right way how to start learning programming and web development

The right way how to start learning programming and web development

To become a professional web developer, you have to go through great challenges and many stages, but what if you have not tried programming before? What if you had thought about starting this way today? In this article, I will guide you on the right path to learning web development.

How to start learning programming and web development
How to start learning programming and web development

Web development is like the sea, if you are not good at swimming in it, you will continue to flounder in it until you finally drown, so you have to prepare and learn to swim to be able to sail and reach your destination.

As I have already told you, you should start your way by learning web programming thoughtfully and regularly, and not move from here to there without setting a clear goal for you.

Many of those who start learning programming in its various fields start randomly without specifying a clear goal for their field of learning. For example, if you want to enter the world of web programming, you will have to choose either a Front-End Developer, a Back-End Developer, or a Full-Stack Developer.

What are a Front-End Developer, Back-End Developer, and Full-Stack Developer?

Undoubtedly, you have wondered what these sections are and should I learn them all separately or should I learn them all at once? No, I will explain each direction of web programming in clear and easy-to-understand points.

Front-End Developer

Front End Developer is the person responsible for developing website or web application interfaces in terms of shape or design. Front End developer uses different programming languages to create web application interfaces and websites. We will mention the most important and most used ones.

  • HTML
  • CSS
  • JavaScript
  • React
  • Vue
  • TypeScript
  • Elm
  • Jquery

Back-End Developer

A Backend Developer is a person responsible for linking the interface of web applications or websites designed by Front-End developers with the hosting server, linking databases, and creating software functions needed by the site to display data and interact with users.

There are many programming languages that Backend developers use in programming web applications and websites. I will mention the most important ones in the following points.

  • JavaScript
  • Python
  • PHP
  • JAVA
  • Ruby
  • Golang
  • C#

Full-Stack Developer

A Full-Stack Developer is a person who programs web applications or entire websites without the help of anyone. He programs the interfaces and background commands of the server himself.

FullStack developers are aware of all the languages that we have already mentioned in Frontend and Backend developers without exception.

So, which programming direction would I choose?

This question, in particular, puzzled most of those coming to the world of programming and web development, so you find many beginners in the world of programming asking similar questions, most of which include: What is the best field of programming for me, what is better to become a front-end developer or a back-end developer, what should I learn first? Until he became a programmer and many other questions.

So I will simplify the matter for you and give you the most important tips to start your journey in learning web development, follow me.

Define your goal of learning web development

Before you start learning to program, and before you start looking for the best web development courses, you must define your goal in learning web development, and what is your goal in entering the world of programming.

Define your goal of learning web development
Define your goal

What is your goal in learning programming, do you want to become a front-end developer, do you want to become a back-end expert, or do you want to have everything in your pocket to become a full-stack web developer?

If you start by defining your goal, the path in front of you will become clear and you can follow in reliable footsteps, and you will avoid confusion and learn programming languages that will not benefit you in your life as a web developer and will save your time.

Draw a diagram of what you should learn

After you determine the goal of learning web development, you must draw a diagram in which you determine which programming languages you will start to learn in order from the easiest to the most difficult, to prepare yourself and your mind to accept difficult issues.

Draw a diagram of what you should learn
Diagram of learning

After you have plotted to learn to program, you can gradually start learning the programming languages that you will need for your work as a web developer, and then you can start learning other web development techniques that will make your way easier.

Do not hurry

Most of those who start learning to program, you find them rush to learn them and do not spend enough time on each programming language they learn, so you find those who say I learned HTML in two days, and others say I learned CSS in a week and he does not know that he must implement the application until it is proven in his head.

do not hurry to learn
do not hurry to learn

Always when you encounter a problem in a programming issue, you go back to review what you have learned to find the solution, so why the hurry to pass the stages? In the end, you aspire to be a professional, not to fulfill your purpose and put what you have learned behind your back. be patient

Use a friends

You can use your programmer friends to create a small programming community for you, in which everyone presents what he has learned so that others can benefit from it. Also, when one of you encounters a problem or finds something difficult in programming, he asks a question in this community to help other members.

Ask help from developers
Ask help from developers

There is no doubt that this will help you go a long way in learning web development, will encourage you to continue, and, will develop in you the spirit of competition.

You can also join the widely spread programming communities on the Internet, which we have already talked about in this previous article: Top 5 developer communities you should join 2022.

Keep learning and practicing

Continuing to learn programming is one of the reasons for excellence and success as a professional web developer because if you stop learning, you will forget the steps and codes you have memorized and you will find yourself unable to solve the easiest programming problems.

Keep learning and practicing
Keep learning and practicing

You have to practice and solve programming problems, starting from the easiest to the most difficult, do not give up training, and be aware that this is your way to professional web application programming.

Constantly improve your development skills

Always improve your programming skills by searching for web development courses and start learning web design whether you aspire to become a front end engineer, back end engineer, or even front end and back end as a full stack engineer.

improve your development skills
improve your development skills

Constant viewing makes you learn more, especially from the experiences of other people, such as a full stack web developer, or you can also read the free and unpaid web design course.

Keeping pace with development in the world of programming

A good web developer is someone who is constantly aware of everything new in the field of web programming, whether it is in terms of programming background languages or in terms of developing interfaces.

Web development evolution
Web development evolution

Many good frameworks have appeared that make it easier for us as web application programmers to work and save time and effort, such as the Backend Laravel development framework in PHP, Angular framework, or even React in JavaScript.


There are many steps you can take to learn web development, so as I mentioned, first you have to decide your direction and then you can start establishing your future as a UI developer or a backend developer, or a full-stack developer.

You can use these tips that we mentioned in a previous article to start the path to professional programming:

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