Top 12 advice every Web Developer needs

Top 12 advice every Web Developer needs

In this article, we will tell you the top 12 pieces of advice every Web Developer needs, so, if you are interested in the field of web development or website creation, you must hear the advice from previous ones in this field so that you do not waste your time while you are floundering in your next life.

Top 12 advice every Web Developer needs
Top 12 advice every Web Developer needs

Web development is considered one of the most prominent areas of programming at present, due to the high demand for it by young people, due to the large spread of websites on the Internet, which led to increasing demand for programmers in various web developer languages.

Many companies need to have a website either to display a product for sale, to promote a product, or even to provide their services online. so here comes your role as a professional web programmer. Yes, a professional. When they ask for a developer, most companies have one of their professional conditions at work. Who among us wants to have a beginner programmer promote his site.

Top 12 Tips for a Professional Web Development

We have chosen for you the top 12 tips that will help you become a professional web programmer and elevate your work to complete professionalism in a short time. Follow me with full focus.

1- Choose the right way

The world of web programming is a sea in itself, so if you don't know where to navigate, you'll get stuck.

You must know what your destination is, and you must learn, for example, if you want to be a web interface designer front-end developer only, you must learn HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, and you must also master the Bootstrap library, but if you want to become a back-end programmer, there are many languages used to communicate with The server you can choose from, such as PHP, Python, JavaScript, Ruby, and others.

But if you want to become a full-stack developer, you have to learn the languages for designing the interfaces that we mentioned earlier with one of the server-side languages that you see fit. I advise you to learn the PHP language, as it is easy and fun and has a very large community.

2- Continuous learning

One of the most important reasons for your professional programming in any field you choose, either web development, desktop programming, or other areas of programming is continuous learning, what is meant by continuous learning?

continuous learning is to keep learning even if you are proficient in a field, for example, if you are proficient in CSS, there are still other secrets or even new ways of text formatting that you may not know or might see elsewhere.

 So you should keep learning and look for everything new in your field.

3- Keep pace with development

Every developer must keep pace with development and not stay in the same first era, as the days pass by all of our new technologies are easier and more useful.

So if you're a PHP programmer, you may hear about Laravel, if you've never heard of Laravel or never worked on it then I'll tell you a little bit about it.

Simply put, Laravel is a PHP framework that will make you fall in love with this language even if you are a designer. Laravel provides an integrated work environment for everything you need or may need in any future period of your career, Laravel is built on the famous MVC method Which separates the Model from View from Controller, which provides you with a smooth and easy work environment.

So, if you want to stay on track, then stay up to date.

4- Slow down and focus

Some beginners may think that if he reads a chapter of a programming book, he has finished his learning and that he will move to the next chapter, and so on, But in fact, after he finishes reading the second chapter, he will have forgotten the previous chapter and that is because the ideas in his head are crowded and not arranged.

So, if you want to progress in your education, you must be careful and focus absolute, do not rush, the days ahead are long, you can read or learn something new, but after you have finished, do not move to another, but apply what you have learned in various forms and try to invent new ways each time.

5- Ask Google

Did you know that Google is a school in itself? What if I told you that most of the great programmers who are currently working in major companies and prestigious positions were taught by Google?

Google is considered a friend and a teacher at the same time. Whenever something is difficult for you or you encounter a problem, you have to ask Google before you ask anyone or put your query on any programming site.

So rely on yourself first, then he will develop the research skills that will help you on your path as a web developer in the future.

6- Code check

After you have finished writing any code, check it directly and make sure that it works well before adding it to a project or sending it to someone to avoid getting embarrassed for not working.

Remember to check your code on a real hosting even if it is free, the results are always different between the local server you are working on and the real servers on the Internet.

In the end, you are obliged to check the final code before it is uploaded to the air to avoid the emergence of errors and leaving a bad impression about you on your customers, remember your reputation must precede you.

7- write clean code

This point should be self-evident to every web developer, who among us should not have his work clean and easy to track?

The clean code is easy to read and easy to modify as well. I remember once a friend of mine gave me a script that view the files in PDF format so that I could check it for him and make sure it was free of errors. When I read the script files, I was shocked and could not trace a single page of it, so I asked him: Did your script do it well? He said yes, I said then he works haha.

The lesson is that you write the code and you are sure that someone else will read it or modify it after you, so clean your code as much as possible.

8- Add code comments

Code comments are one of the characteristics of a professional developer. At the beginning of your career as a web developer or even an application programmer, you may think that there is no need to add comments to the code you are creating, but one of the most important things that most programmers hate is forgetting the code functions that they created.

Suppose you created a script for a customer, and it has been two or three years since you sold the script to him, then the customer came to you again and asked you to make an amendment to the code and add some features to it. Will you remember what you programmed three years ago, especially since you write many from other codes?

Of course not, So, like the popular quote that says: "Your white cent for your black day", Make a habit of leaving comments, especially in functions that have different functions and calls from other pages, so that you can deal with any emergency with absolute professionalism.

9- Don't be shy

You often find many developers when they encounter a problem that they wander on Google pages to no avail. Why not ask one of your friends who has more experience than you in this field, believe me, you will save a lot of time and effort.

Also, don't be shy about displaying your work in your business gallery, how will you gain the trust of customers when you haven't shown what you can do in front of others?

After you have completed a project, whatever its size, first make sure that you finish it and that it is free of errors as possible, then you have to present it in the programming groups or the specialized programming sites, you will find criticism from them that you have to take into account and then you will find someone who gives you advice for free, take advantage of that as much as possible. 

10- Remove Facebook from your head

Facebook is the programmer's first enemy. Yes, this is true. Most of us spend our time browsing the Facebook website, either for entertainment, for news browsing, or for any purpose. Therefore, it is a waste of the programmer's time to stay browsing Facebook instead of building projects or developing oneself.

Your time is the most important thing you have, especially if you are a beginner in the world of programming, so let's together remove the Facebook application from our smartphones so that it does not steal our time. By browsing the Facebook application, there are hundreds of programmers who work non-stop to develop it, so do not be the victim of it. 

This does not mean that you should forget about Facebook entirely. You can browse Facebook through your laptop's browser when you need to ask about a problem you are having in the programming groups you are subscribed to, but don't let it steal your time.

11- Join the programmer community

I always advise any programmer to join the communities of programmers spread on the Internet, because of its great benefit to them, by browsing most of the common questions asked by programmers, which most of the time are problems they encountered in programming, you can benefit from that through your acquisition Experience in learning new solutions Suggested by other users.

There are many communities and programming sites on the Internet, I will mention the most important of them in this article: Top 5 developer communities you should join 2022.

12- Help others

Finally, no matter how advanced you are in web development, don't forget that you have been at rock bottom in the past, so don't be selfish with others and share tips and solutions like there were others to share with you, and remember that the more you help others, the more advanced and experienced you are.


These were the 12 most important tips that you can benefit from to improve your level of web development, you don't have to apply them all at all, but you have to stay away from everything that wastes your time in vain for sure, and then strives to achieve your dream.

Murad Aden

I am a web developer, I love my sons, then my code, For development posts visit Dev To Give

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