Top 5 developer communities you should join 2022

Top 5 developer communities you should join 2022

The life of programming is beautiful for the one who makes it like his food, so imagine, dear programmer, that there are thousands of people who love programming like you and can never do without it.

Top 5 developer communities you should join 2022
Top 5 developer communities

Yes, there are thousands if not millions of programmers around the world, young and old, sharing the same love and passion, helping each other and supporting the novices so that they become professionals.

But have you ever wondered where they share codes and how they help each other? Is there a real place where they meet or do they have dedicated sites on the Internet?

There are many communities for programmers in different parts of the world, but what concerns us today is what are the sites and communities for programmers on the Internet, I will mention the most important ones in this article so follow me until the end.

The most important developer communities

I will mention the most important programming developer sites based on their popularity, the number of users, and the possibility of benefiting from there in order.

1- GitHub

GitHub Community
GitHub Community

GitHub is the largest programming site on the Internet, where you can host and display your programming work on the Internet. It also provides the GitHub Community Forum, which is a forum of more than 40 million programmers from all over the world who share ideas and help each other.

You can join the GitHub Community here:

2- Stack Overflow

Stack Overflow
Stack Overflow

Most of the developers probably already use Stack Overflow, so for those who are not familiar with the developer community, Stack Overflow is considered one of the most important sites on the Internet in terms of the benefits that it publishes and the size of the user base that interacts with it constantly.

Stack Overflow is one of the world-renowned Stack Exchange network sites Stack Exchange network. Stack Overflow is a question-and-answer site in which users ask questions and then come to answer them later, of course, all of this boils down to programming only.

You can join into Stack Overflow community from here:

3- Hashnode

Hashnode Community
Hashnode Community

If you looking for a great job as a developer, the harsh reality is that online presence can really help, it's not required but it can really help you, so Hashnode is a community of programmers that allows every programmer to create a blog within the Hashnode site, where they can publish their programming articles and share code with other programmers.

You can link your Hashnode blog with an external domain of your choice, and Hashnode enables you to put links to your social pages in the front of your blog, including your website link if you have one.

You can join into Hashnode community from here:

And you can follow our blog from here:

4- CodeProject


If you want complete projects in all programming languages, then you will find what you want on this site.

The site belongs to Microsoft for programmers, and it has thousands of developers and programmers from all over the world, all of whom share their work and projects in the form of open-source files that you can copy and modify, and you can also ask your questions easily.

Website link:

5- SitePoint


SitePoint is one of the most popular sites for programmers. It contains many free and paid lessons. It also contains a forum for programmers that enables you to ask questions that come to your mind about programming and are answered by other users.

You can subscribe to paid plans and benefit from exclusive and valuable courses.

You can visit SitePoint from this link:


These were the top 5 developer communities that you can join and benefit from your membership in by asking your questions and problems, and you will find many free lessons in them.

Do not forget that there are always offers in the prices of paid memberships and paid lessons as well on these sites, take the opportunity and join now.

Murad Aden

I am a web developer, I love my sons, then my code, For development posts visit Dev To Give

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