5 Best free books to learn PHP in 2022

5 Best free books to learn PHP in 2022

Learning programming from home is not only limited to watching educational videos and following courses available on programming communities scattered on the Internet but there are many educational books through which you can learn programming languages and make them as your reference every time you forget something related to the programming language you learned.

5 Best free books to learn PHP in 2022
5 free PHP books

Top 5 books to learn PHP programming

I will try to arrange these books for you as a beginner to guide you on your way to professional web development and learn to build websites step by step.

PHP 5 for dummies

This book is a comprehensive guide to the PHP language, it consists of 412 pages and contains 16 chapters in addition to two practical chapters at the end.

PHP 5 for dummies
PHP 5 for dummies

PHP 5 for dummies is a book written and published by the great programmer Jenet Valade who works as a professional web programmer in one of the largest companies in the web application industry.

You can download this book from here: Download PHP 5 for dummies.

PHP Notes for Professionals

PHP Notes for Professionals
PHP Notes for Professionals

This book is considered one of the best books for learning the PHP language. It is directed to beginners who started in the field of web development and programming using the PHP language because it explains the basics of the PHP language gradually from the beginning and is supported by illustrative examples of each function in it.

 PHP Notes for Professionals book contains 105 introductory chapters and 2 chapters that explain how to install PHP environments on Windows and Linux computers.

You can download this book here: Download PHP Notes for Professionals.

PHP Reference: Beginner to Intermediate PHP5

This book simplifies and explains the PHP language most simply.

PHP Reference: Beginner to Intermediate PHP5
PHP Reference

Also, this book includes the basics of the language and how to deal with all kinds of programming functions, MySchool databases, and dealing with time and files in PHP.

PHP Reference: Beginner to Intermediate PHP5 contains 162 pages and is free, open-source, publishable, and redistributable.

This book includes:

  • Operators
  • Control Structures
  • Variable Functions
  • Global Variables
  • Array Functions
  • String Functions
  • Date/Time Functions
  • MySQL Functions
  • Mathematical Functions
  • Output Control (Output Buffer)
  • Directory & File System Functions
  • Regular Expressions
  • Sessions

Download: PHP Reference: Beginner to

Intermediate PHP5 for free.

Learning Laravel

If you want to learn Laravel offline this book is the best way to do it, Learning laravel pdf book is a high-level book that explains everything in the Laravel framework and uses examples to make it easier to understand.

learning laravel pdf
learning Laravel book

Learning Laravel book has 65 chapters in a total of 216 pages, every chapter has a lot of lessons in all parts of the Laravel framework.

You can download this book from Download free Learning Laravel pdf book.

Survive the Deep End: PHP Security

Survive the Deep End is a book that teaches you different ways to protect your web applications and explains how to avoid technical issues that allow attackers to hack your website and tamper with your databases.

I intentionally put Survive the Deep End at the bottom of the list because you'll need it once you're able to build web apps, but that doesn't mean you can't take advantage of it right now but a little bit of prior knowledge is a good thing.

You can read this book directly from its official website and without the need to download it as a PDF file from this link below.

Download Survive the Deep End: PHP Security


Many books allow you to learn PHP online, but we have collected the best ones that you can make the most out of my reading them for you.

If you do not specify what you want to learn, you can read this article to help you understand the world of programming.

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