Best 5 coding apps for android mobiles in 2022

Best 5 coding apps for android mobiles in 2022

As I told you in previous articles, there is a great deal of demand for programmers nowadays, because we are in the era of technology and information technology, so everyone dreams of becoming a programmer.

Best 5 coding apps for android mobiles
Best 5 coding apps for android mobiles

Not everyone owns a laptop or computer to learn programming or even continue to practice his work as a developer after his computer breaks. Indeed, most areas of programming do not require a computer with strong hardware, but rather a regular device such as developing websites, for example, but mostly any computer will lead the purpose.

Well, some people struggle to live among their family members and are satisfied with buying only their basic needs because their monthly budget cannot afford to buy a new or even used desktop computer or laptop.

Therefore, we decided today to stand by their side and provide a list of the 5 best mobile applications to use in writing code and developing websites.

Yes as I mentioned before, you can develop websites through your mobile phone or tablet and without having to buy a computer, of course, it will not be like you use a desktop computer or laptop for programming, but it will close one of the doors of the big disbursements that were not taken into account.

Mobile phones in programming are common among most novice programmers and those who lost their computers for a short period or even traveled without taking their laptops with them. I personally used the Samsung A70 phone temporarily when I lost my laptop screen for about a week.

Best coding app for android

There are a lot of programming apps for Android mobiles just as there are for computers, so each one may be different from other mobile coding apps. So today I have compiled the best applications used for programming and coding on mobile phones.

Regardless of the reason why you use your Android phone to write a code.., you may need to try a code that you have in mind or saw somewhere or want to banish boredom or whatever.

So, my friend, I have chosen the best code editors and development apps for androids for you in this article.

1- Acode

Acode code editor for android
Acode code editor for android

Acode is a powerful android IDE and code editor for Android devices. it is my best coding app, You can use Acode editor to edit HTML pages and JavaScript scripts.

You can create a website, run the website in the browser and view errors or logs in the console.

Also, you can edit any type of source files like PHP, Python, CSS, Perl, HTML, Java, Ruby, javascript, dart, etc.


  • Without ads
  • Edit any file from your device.
  • GitHub Support + Support
  • FTP (no SFTP yet, plan to add it later)
  • Supports syntax highlighting +00+ programming languages
  • Dozens of themes
  • Easy to use
  • Preview HTML / MarkDown in the app
  • Interactive JavaScript console
  • In the application file browser
  • open source
  • Supports more than 50,000 lines
  • Fast workflow
  • Open more than one file
  • Customize
  • Keyboard Shortcuts

Android support

  • 4.1 and versions Latest.
  • Lollipop (5.0 - 5.1.1).
  • Marshmallow (6.0 - 6.0.1).
  • Nougat (7.0 - 7.1.1).
  • Oreo (8.0-8.1).
  • Pie (9.0).
You can download the Acode app for android devices from this link: Download the Acode app for android mobiles for free.

2- Dcoder

Dcoder android code editor
Dcoder android code editor

Some may think that learning programming requires a great deal of reading books or watching hours on YouTube for programming topics, but in fact, when it comes to the best way to master programming languages, it will be practice. Dcoder is a free Android app that allows you to practice by writing code on your phone. Then you can compile it and see if you did it correctly.

How to learn programming and its languages ​​through the Dcoder app

With Dcoder the way to learn to program will be like an exam or a test, each exercise consists of a problem and a series of input parameters. To solve this process you need to keep these elements in mind as you think about how to validate what is needed.

You can solve a lot of problems in different programming languages ​​such as "PHP, C, C++and C#, Java, even Python"...etc from the programming languages ​​available in the application.

When you finish the exercises, you will get the score and you can check your rank compared to other users of the application. The Dcoder app also contains a new collection of news about the world of app development and the smartphone industry.

The application is available for free to download and can be downloaded from the following link: Download the Decoder app for android devices for free.

3- Quoda Code Editor

Quoda Code Editor app for android
Quoda Code Editor

If you are looking for a multi-language code editor for your Android smartphone, then Quoda Code Editor might be the best choice for you. This is a free application that can be used to edit the source code. The app comes with almost every important feature that a programmer might need.

The application is available for free to download and can be downloaded from the following link: Download the Quoda Code Editor app for android devices for free.

4- Pocket Editor

Pocket Editor application
Pocket Editor application

The Pocket Editor application is a development environment ready for use by developers on Android phones. The Pocket Editor script editing application enables you to edit any file you have. It supports more than 160 programming languages, including great features and features such as the way to display texts, check your code, and display errors.

The mobile script editing app Pocket Editor also suggests and completes your scripts just by typing them. You can say it's the VS Code android development app.

The application can be downloaded from the Google Play store from the following link: Download the Pocket Editor app for android devices for free.

5- DroidEdit

DroidEdit app for android
DroidEdit app for android

DroidEdit is one of the best apps for HTML coding in android, it is a boon for developers who need to make some modifications to their code quickly and simply.

With DroidEdit, you can edit the code of any type of file, this great application supports many file formats.

DroidEdit has two versions, the first is free, and the other is paid, the first for regular users (developers) is a free and good version to use, but if you want more features and want a lot of extras, you can choose the paid DroidEdit app.

You can download the free DroidEdit app for android from here: free DroidEdit app for android


You can use code editors for mobile phones to create and program websites and light programs, but you will not be able to program large applications and sites or make mobile application development as well and quickly as on computers, but you can expel boredom at least.

What are you waiting for? After I show you the best coding apps for Android mobiles, you can start mobile coding and writing the source code for what you want using your phone.

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